STOP if you want to GO

Life can be crazy busy.  For me, most of the time, my life is some sort of organized chaos.  It is fast paced and unless I purposely stop-it is all go, all the time.

But you have to stop, just for you-even for a few minutes.  Stop to say thank you, or just to embrace all the good.  To have a moment of gratitude.  It can be a walk, a coffee at first light, meditation, prayer, reading-whatever works- the key is to just stop.

I try to do this at least twice a day.  Most often it happens during runs with my two awesome Black Labs (Miles and Rosie).  They help me relax and being outside with them helps me appreciate the complete awesomeness of the life I live and the people in it.  Why do my dogs do this for me? Because they are kick ass creatures and it is just what they do!

What can also help with stopping, is to say no.  This is a hard thing to say for a lot of people, but it is important to say it.  It is okay to say it. You are not a jerk to say it. Say no to the appointment tomorrow (if you’re already at capacity).

I am a four meeting limit guy.  I can rock up to four face-to-face meetings a day and be all in (with an espresso or two)-if you are meeting five with me, I’m letting you down before you get in the door.  If you have a full social calendar, turn down the party-just don’t always turn down the party.  If you want to say yes, of course say yes!

This leads me to the RSVP.  Say yes, say no, but don’t say maybe.  Maybe should only be said, if it is a “Wow, thanks for the invite, I just need to check my schedule and i’ll confirm back ” and then you ACTUALLY check your schedule and confirm back-tomorrow-NOT 3 WEEKS FROM NOW!

When you say maybe, you are telling someone:

A) I am waiting to see if something better comes my way

B) I am a total flake that cannot even plan a few hours of my life

A and B are bad outcomes.  No, is a fine outcome.  Yes, is a fine outcome.  Carly Rae Jepsenin’ your life…is no way to fill a calendar.  If you feel too busy, really focus on taking the time to stop and then, be all in, or all out, but don’t “Call Me Maybe”.


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